Help Eliminate Prisons and Support Folks on the Inside

There are a thousand ways you can help in the fight against mass incarceration. There are also a variety of ways to specifically help Mona in her struggle to gain her freedom and raise awareness about the inhumane treatment of prisoners in Texas jails and prisons. Here are a few actions to get you started!

1.) Donate to or volunteer with reputable organizations such as:

Black and Pink– A prison abolitionist organization supporting LGBTQIA+ and HIV-positive prisoners in the US.

Critical Resistance– A prison abolitionist organization working to build a mass movement to dismantle the prison-industrial complex.

TexasCURE– A group of concerned citizens that monitors Texas prisons and interacts with TDCJ administration, elected officials and political candidates to raise awareness to the values of preventative rehabilitation, restorative policies and programs, and to create positive changes within our our state prisons.

Equal Justice Initiative– A non-profit organization that provides legal representation to prisoners who may have been wrongly convicted, poor prisoners, and other prisoners who may have been denied a fair trial.

The Marshall Project– A non-profit journalism organization focused on the issues related to criminal justice in the US.

Texas Inmate Families Association (TIFA)– A Texas-based non-profit whose mission is to break the cycle of crime by strengthening families through support, education, and advocacy.

Black Lives Matter– An international activist movement that campaigns against violence and systematic racism towards black people.

2.) Write to someone on the inside. The following organizations have great pen pal programs!

Black and Pink PenPal Program

Prisoner Correspondence Project

3.) Send books to folks on the inside

Most larger towns and cities have a Books to Prisoners program, which aims to send books to incarcerated individuals who have requested reading material. These programs usually host weekly volunteer meetings. Find a program near you here.

Thank you for taking action. It is our community responsibility to care for those who are invulnerable to the injustices of the US prison industrial complex. Your attention to this cause shows your commitment to collective liberation.

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