Mona’s Diary 4/18/2020: An Open Letter

Here is a letter Mona recently sent me and asked me to share with you. It is dated October 31st, 2019 and it reads: “There were people before us and people now who set the precedent (advocate pioneers) of trying to ensure that we are treated with not only humanity but with dignity and legalContinue reading “Mona’s Diary 4/18/2020: An Open Letter”

Mona’s Diary 4/19/2020: Handcuffed by Officer “N”

“I’m writing to inform that I was handcuffed yesterday (4/18/20) from approx. 6:45-7:00pm by a Sergeant named Sargent “N” (I do not know his full name). He used to be a Lieutenant, I’m told*. I was handcuffed because I told him that I was going to inform Major Alexander that he (“N”) was not wearingContinue reading “Mona’s Diary 4/19/2020: Handcuffed by Officer “N””