Ciara’s Letters (August 2020)

Ciara Green, a friend of Mona’s who is also imprisoned at the Lane Murray Unit , has been writing to us to report various abuses that have been carried out by Murray Unit COs. Clara hopes that her reports will raise awareness on this platform about the inhume treatment of prisoners at Murray Unit. AfterContinue reading “Ciara’s Letters (August 2020)”

Mona’s Diary 1/14/19 & A Restatement of Facts

I received a letter from Mona on Monday 1/14/19 that she wished me to share with everyone: for context: a sweatshirt of Mona’s was labeled as evidence in her case and sent by the prosecution to the crime lab and tested for DNA. The prosecution hoped to prove that the victim’s DNA was on the sweater.Continue reading “Mona’s Diary 1/14/19 & A Restatement of Facts”

Mona’s Diary 6/15/18: Coerced Statement

In a letter received on June 15th, 2018, Mona reported the following about the day of her arrest back in 2010: “I was being transported to the jail by investigators in Houston (after days of keeping me from going to my house). Once we got to the jail intake, they took me to Bentaub HospitalContinue reading “Mona’s Diary 6/15/18: Coerced Statement”

Mona’s Diary 5/30/18: An Open Letter to #Justice4Mona Followers

“The #metoo movement is not just bringing sexual harassment to light but also the psychological affects that harassment, period, have on millions of women. The millions, yes, millions of women whose complaints about physical and psychological abuse suffered at the hands of prison officials here at Hobby Unit over the years are women whose complaintsContinue reading “Mona’s Diary 5/30/18: An Open Letter to #Justice4Mona Followers”