Ciara’s Letters (August 2020)

Ciara Green, a friend of Mona’s who is also imprisoned at the Lane Murray Unit , has been writing to us to report various abuses that have been carried out by Murray Unit COs. Clara hopes that her reports will raise awareness on this platform about the inhume treatment of prisoners at Murray Unit. After reading Ciara’s reports, please consider reaching out to the Lane Murray Unit Warden’s Office or Senator John Whitmire’s Office (contact info in our “How Can I Help” section) and demanding an end to these abuses.


“I was told by Sgt. Tyson at 2:40pm on 8/10/20, ‘I only allowed you to respite in the chapel yesterday because we didn’t have enough staff to keep you separated from the medium custody offenders so you had respite in the chapel, but read my lips: you will not go to the chapel today and I don’t give a fuck how many chairs are available, you won’t be dyking on my shift.’ I, offender C. Green, am a part of the LGBTQ community and I’m very offended by this derogatory statement. This is not the first time she has made offensive remarks to me or other offenders. She has also denied me respite on several occasions by making me leave respite in the chapel and taking me out of my seat to place other offenders in my seat and placing me on the floor. I have had my family call the unit to speak to the warden about this issue and the warden has made it clear to my family that, ‘no offender is to be removed from respite area so that another offender may take his/her place. If the respite area is full, the officer is to find that offender another respite area.’ But these rules are not being followed because I am still being removed from respite. Every day it is a struggle for the offenders on Lane Murray Unit to be given respite when asked for it because of this one ranking Sgt. Tyson.”

-Ciara Green


“At 3:17pm on July 30th at Lane Murray Unite Respite Areas Location Line Control, I, offender Ciara Green, #2084115 was standing outside of the respite area door because it was sprayed with chemicals and the whole room was wet. Sgt. Quantina then stated for myself and eight other offenders to wait before entering so that the area can dry. Myself and the other offender lined up alongside the wall of the hallway. The Lt. office and the Major’s office doors were open , which is right nect to the respite area. We were talking about how it is so hard for the offenders to receive respite on this unit. The Major (Jackson) then yelled from her office for us to stop talking. There was Sgt. Quantin and Officer Houston standing in the hallways with the offender and myself. I then raised my hand to ask Sgt. Quantina a question. The Sgt. gave me permission to speak to her so I asked if I could please get some toilet paper to use the bathroom because I’m on my cycle. Before Sgt. Quantina could call the SSI offender for toilet paper, Major Jackson screamed, “SHUT UP, AND GET OUT (of respite!”) I tried to explain to her that I had permission to speak at that time. The Sgt. (Quantina) was aware of the situation but never stepped in to defend me. Major Jackson then threatened to place me in another housing if I didn’t leave out of the respite area. I was afraid that she would G4 me so I left without saying another word. By reporting her actions, I’m afraid she might retaliate against me because she basically denied me respite.”

-Ciara Green


“On the date of 8/14/20 at 2:30pm in respite at Lane Murray Unit, myself and six other offenders were sitting in the hallway receiving respite. Unit Major Jackson came out of her office and asked us what we were doing? We stated we were here for respite. She asked us who sent us down here? We told her our building officer. It was 30 offenders sitting in the respite area in our dorm which is only supposed to hold 10 offenders because of social distancing. Lt. Easter came out of her office as well and opened the door to a small room that they use for respite and all six offenders went in. IT took me to say to Easter, “Everyone can’t fit in here. It’s not social distancing in here. The chairs are zip tied together.” Lt. Easter spaced us out and she had to send the other offenders to another respite area that tried to come in with us. Within 5 minutes of being in the room, a white and a black offender wanted to leave. At first Lt. Easter denied them but then went ahead and let them leave. About 30 minutes or so after that, myself and a Mexican offender tried to leave but it was also denied. At that time, the Mexican offender made up a story about her medication messing with her stomach…basically she had to poop so Lt. Easter let her leave. I tried to leave as well but was told to sit down. I then stated to Lt. Easter that, “I am done respiting and would like to leave as well. Why am I the only one being told I have to stay?” Lt. Easter said, “Because I said so. I make the rules. You are an inmate so sit your ass down like I said, before I write you a case.” From that point on I felt threatened and also discriminated against because of my race and sexial preference. Lt. Easter is also retaliating against me because I said I would like a grievance form and that I will have my family call the warden. I was never handed a grievance the whole time I was being held against my will. Lt. Easter also stated, “Go ahead and call your people and just know that grievance won’t go anywhere.” At 4pm Lt. Easter was walking around the line control building without her mask on. She not only put myself and other offenders and co-workers lives at risk but she broke a posted rule for all staff, offenders, and visitors to wear their masks at all times. Racism is real at Lane Murray Unit and so is the hate for having to give offenders respite…not all the staff (do this) but the ones you will read about (do) it. Especially the homophobic ones.”

-Ciara Green

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