Mona’s Diary 6/9/2020

“I’ve been at reception (at Crain Unit) pending a unit transfer. Yet, the Major said she hopes they send me back to Hobby (Unit). Please call the State Board Classifications and let them know that Hobby is not a designated unit for us Native Americans and I can’t receive the physical therapy needed for the healing of my shoulder. The doctor said it could be months before I recover fully. Mrs. Foster, the medical provider, gave me several sheets of exercise to do and some pain medication for up to 60 days. Due to COVID, I can’t attend physical therapy on the unit that has it because there is no traveling between units, yet they have given some inmates emergency transfers. Supposedly, because they were basically just tired of dealing with their misbehaving attitudes. Not sure how they merit which inmates to be moved immediately. I guess they submitted me for a unit transfer in lieu of moving me back to Riverside (Unit). They didn’t ask me any questions, just the Lt. Barnes recommended a unit transfer and Major Garcia said she agreed (immediately) and that was the gist of it.

Hobby is detrimental to my health. There is no way I can receive adequate medical treatment for lupus. Mine is in remission now, thanks to God. One of the inmates stated that Lane Murray has physical therapy there and they also offer a welding course, which would allow me to re-certify my certification and help me hone the skills that I already have aquired. Hopefully the writ (of habeas corpus) that Mr. Bolton is filing will move quickly once things get back to normal after the COVID crisis. Hobby is not a unit that is productive for anyone, be it for rehabilitation to reiterate an inmate into society as a productive citizen or to aquire the necessary skills to amend negative thoughts or actions which is needed to halt the recidivism rate. Overall, it’s not a correctional facility, it’s basically a prison, a lock-up, a dungeon at which unspeakable acts of injustice occur, that the administrators in Huntsville and the government are aware of and yet do nothing to rectify the incomprehensible savagery that is administered by the staff as well as the inmates, some of which have been demoralized by the “injustice system,” i.e broken women that are being subjugated at repressed (kept down) simply because the administration can do whatever they choose to them. It’s not a matter of what they are supposed to do or cannot do, it’s a matter of the staff and their superiors doing whatever they want to, simply because they can. These women have no voice and usually have no one that cares for whatever reason they have been discarded by society as the worst of the worst; therefor some think that justice for them should not be immanent (at hand). Yet, in this great country of ours, this great world of ours, injustice should not be tolerated because one is deemed unjust. Liberty and Justice for “all.” How is society as a whole going to heal if the correctional facilities are not correctional facilities but unjust facilities that are creating a different entity all together and releasing a more broken and diverse individual into society that’s aware of the product the system has created.

“In a world full of hate, be a light,” is sung about and talked about. What is being done about it? Broken women that’s being shattered, A.K.A. the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. P.S- Not everyone is guilty because the court system has incarcerated them. Usually, it’s because the innocent won’t take the “deal” that the District Attorney offers, because the D.A will never admit they are wrong and they have all the resources and money readily available to them to prove it. I am poor, black, female, and homosexual living in the state of Texas. I am expendable, four strikes, you would say. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the men employed by this great nation of ours, trained and adept in every field of study, testified on behalf of the defense (in my case) that ALL the evidence that was presented to the Grand Jury to indict me, came back negative. Yet, the judge allowed the D.A to present evidence that had already been physically and scientifically ruled out.

“Yeah, in a world full of hate, be a light.” The D.A, Connie Spence, came to me once all the F.B.I reports were revealed and asked me to help them find out who really committed the crime. She said the investigators accused me of (LOL) attempting to assist them. My lawyer and Connie Spence discussed some type of “deal” she supposedly offered. Well, my lawyer came and told me, in lieu of the report from the crime lab, he told her to drop all the charges or take it to trial. He said, “You’re innocent, right?” Well, I’m pretty sure that I should have been the one speaking with the D.A to make the decision as to whether I wanted to hear what she had to say.

Oh yeah, I got indicted twice. When I was about to go to trial almost two years later (being incarcerated the entire time). Then, I was handed another indictment. When I asked my lawyer why, he said, “Don’t worry about it.” Once I was in front of the judge, she asked both my lawyer and the D.A what was she looking at here (she had two indictments in front of her.) Both my lawyer and the D.A told her they would discuss it with her in her chambers, sans me. The D.A obviously found Dawnell Ory/Trahan (one of my ex-girlfriends) whom I left (once I found out how deceitful she had been throughout our relationship). She even had sexual relations with my match maker Reginald in order to retaliate against me leaving her. She also told her mom I wouldn’t leave Louisiana because of her until her sister Tracy Trahan came to where I was and asked me for my phone to show her mother the endless messages that Dawnell had been leaving on my phone. I had no room to receive anyone else’s messages because she had left so many. At this point her mom saw proof of her lies. She was also seeing a married man and one other guy besides Reginald. Man, when it rains, it pours. Her sister had been telling me all the while that she wasn’t a nice person. Well, years later (a woman scorned) the D.A had Dawnells’ lies written down on an indictment to the grand jury saying that I had abused her physically and her daughter Brooke too (who had brittle bone disease). She also told the D.A that I had told her once that I was so smart, I could get away with murder. Why wasn’t she given a polygraph before they allowed the jury to hear the deception? I still don’t know why it hurt her so bad when I left her and why she still has animosity in her heart towards me.

Also, the D.A said I had been arrested for drug possession. Yeah, in Collin County jail, I had (one) marijuana cigarette in my sock. I lost my license for 6 months for that. Also, a theft, she said. I wrote a check to Rent-A-Center for $75 and asked that they not deposit the check until the following week. Yet, they did and I didn’t post a date on the check, so I had a cash bond, which I paid. An assault charge too. It was dropped once it was proven that Brian Fields (a man) hit me first and basically I got they best of him, which he didn’t expect. He used to physically abuse my friend Sheila Carr, so I guess he figured he could abuse me also. Sheila had gotten into an accident that left her almost dead. Bryan was supposed to be taking her to physical therapy. Instead he had taken her to a house to have someone administer drugs to her intravenously while she was still in a wheel chair. I called her dad to tell him where Bryan had his daughter instead of physical therapy. Bryan didn’t take kindly to that and accosted me.

Well, this is a lot to type but I hope it gets some more information out there. I think the world deserved to hear the other side of the stories that the D.A paints.

Yeah, Allen Tanner got paid $45,000 to defend me and in the middle of the trial, I asked him why did they fire the attorney that was assisting him and he said they were not going to let him use her anymore and don’t worry because he has some good stuff to present to the court and it was good stuff for appeal purposes. That moment, then and there, I knew they already had decided I was guilty. Once the evidence was revealed from the crime lab, (F.B.I) the news channels stated that it looked like I was innocent . The officers and one of the leuitenants told me that that’s what the news reporter said because my mom told me not to watch the news or read the paper, so I didn’t. The inmates at Harris County also told me they saw it on the news channels where they said it looks like I was innocent. (Sigh).”


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