Mona’s Diary 4/19/2020: Handcuffed by Officer “N”

“I’m writing to inform that I was handcuffed yesterday (4/18/20) from approx. 6:45-7:00pm by a Sergeant named Sargent “N” (I do not know his full name). He used to be a Lieutenant, I’m told*. I was handcuffed because I told him that I was going to inform Major Alexander that he (“N”) was not wearing his facemask when he entered our dorm. 

He also verbally accosted me by telling me to, ‘take my ass back to the damn cubicle.’ I asked to speak to the lieutenant in charge and he said he was rank and he was the only one here so he was in charge.

After handcuffing me he proceeded to take me to the gate to await transportation to PHD (pre-hearing detention). En route we encountered Lt. Labrado. I told “N,” ‘There’s the lieutenant. I need to speak to her.’ When she asked what I did, “N” said I had threatened him. I told him that I couldn’t believe that he lied to the Lieutenant about me. Lt. Labrado (the shift supervisor from 2pm-10pm) informed him to take me to the cell block. Due to the quarantine, I suppose they are housing PHD in the cell block.

On the way to the cell block between building 5 and the cell block, he jerked my arm and squeezed it really, really hard and asked me, actually said to me, ‘You don’t have much to say now, do you?’ I immediately stopped and told him that he will not do that again and Officer Henry and Officer Greenly were coming out of the cell block just as I had stopped so I told them what the Sergeant had done to my arm while my hands were cuffed behind me and he denied it when Ms. Greenly asked me what was wrong. “N” said, “She doesn’t even know my name (so she cannot report on me),” and laughed. 

I was put in a cell with nothing and I fell asleep and had to cover myself up with an extra mat in order to halfway stay warm. I asked for rank (the officer in charge) all night.

 “N” got irritated that I asked for a grievance order (paperwork that prisoners can file to report abuses carried out by correction officers) and I told him that not only was I going to tell Major Alexander that he was not wearing his face when he entered the dorm but that he used profanity towards me and handcuffed me when I asked to speak to the lieutenant on duty. Major Alexander had instructed us to let him know if any of the officers did not wear their masks.

Several other girls along with myself asked for grievance orders. I have yet to get one.”


*******WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!! Report this abuse to the Ombudsman’s Office by emailing or calling (936) 437-4927.

You can say:
“Hi, I’m a friend of Mona Nelson (inmate #1877556). It has come to my attention that on April 18th, Mona was handcuffed and physically assaulted by an CO (name unknown) at the Crain Unit. I’m contacting you to request an investigation into the abuse, which occurred on the evening of April 18th, 2020 at 6:45pm at Mona’s dorm. The CO entered the dorm without wearing the required protective face mask. When Mona said she would report him to his superior, Major Alexander, if he did not don the mask, he handcuffed and physically assaulted her. I’m very concerned about this matter and believe it requires your attention. ” Additionally, if you are comfortable, you can add, “Please reply to this email/call when you are able to update me about what actions are being taken to remediate this situation.”

Thank you for your time and energy!

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