Mona’s Diary 5/30/18: An Open Letter to #Justice4Mona Followers

“The #metoo movement is not just bringing sexual harassment to light but also the psychological affects that harassment, period, have on millions of women. The millions, yes, millions of women whose complaints about physical and psychological abuse suffered at the hands of prison officials here at Hobby Unit over the years are women whose complaints have never been and will never be heard or taken seriously due to the fact that their status at the time the abuse occurred is/was ‘inmate.'”

“I wonder why no one cares how many woman are many women are hurt psychologically, physically, fractured, broken apart by the experience of harassment? How many have been released back into society who have yet to recover fully from their experience here at Hobby? This problem, this massive problem, will never be solved if the higher-ups, not just the actual harassers, aren’t held accountable.”

Ombudsman Ben Sanders and O.I.G prison chapter for Hobby Unit serve to protect and defend the officers and prison officials rather than the women who need the support so much more. So far there has been no help and the women that are being subjected to this harassment daily experience breakdowns. Some experience late-onset bipolar disorder and often endure some shock to their system, some trauma, some hardship or depression where they feel and have felt hopeless. Some of these women may have a predisposition but they often have to come to extreme levels of stress for it to manifest itself.”

“What do we do as inmates? How do we as humans make sense of it all? While I think the officers and men and women in positions of rank here are pathetic because they act horribly, it’s the higher-ups who should be held in shame. Donald Trump says, ‘Let’s protect our citizens from terrorists abroad’ but the real terrorism occurs daily in his own back yard, front yard, and in his homeland by our own American citizens. I intend to become a lobbyist for a new movement that makes America finally confront the toxicity and failings of the prison system in Texas and the elected officials who have permitted it to continue for so many years because of the money generated through the free labor that the government has capitalized on.


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