Mona’s Diary 1/14/19 & A Restatement of Facts

I received a letter from Mona on Monday 1/14/19 that she wished me to share with everyone:

for context: a sweatshirt of Mona’s was labeled as evidence in her case and sent by the prosecution to the crime lab and tested for DNA. The prosecution hoped to prove that the victim’s DNA was on the sweater.

“There was no blood on the sweatshirt. The crime lab didn’t even test for blood. They tested to see if any DNA was present on the sweatshirt that belonged to the victim. There was not. The only DNA they found (on the sweatshirt) was female DNA. The victim was male. This needs to be clearly stated. The federal crime lab they sent evidence to in West Virginia did a very thorough and detailed job. The F.B.I crime lab found NO evidence that was positive in ALL the evidence that was submitted to them (not just sweatshirt). Mayor Anise Parker (who intervened in the case on Mona’s behalf) made sure that evidence DID NOT go to the crime lab in Houston due to proven tampering on evidence there in the past. 

The sweatshirt was entered as evidence and submitted for testing months after all the other evidence came back negative. There was no blood on the sweatshirt.”

“Furthermore, the D.A, Connie Spence was, at the time of my trial, under scrutiny for several false and misleading antics she utilized to secure convictions in my case and in several other cases where she did not have enough evidence to prove the guilt of the individual she was prosecuting.*”

“(For example), The Houston investigators in my case took my cell phone from me as evidence (to try to prove I was in the victim’s location at the time the crime was committed.) They did not have a warrant to access the cell phone. They just took it. Then, when I asked for the cell phone records to be brought forward as evidence to prove that I wasn’t in the location the prosecution accused me of being at the time of the crime, they claimed they never took the cell phone from me. They saw that the cell phone records proved I was innocent, so they disposed of the evidence and claimed to never have had access to it.”


This is not just illegal obtaining of evidence. It is blatant perjury.    

*You can read more about Connie Spence’s illegal actions in court as well as the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Associations “vehement opposition” of Spence here:

and here:

It is essential to Mona’s cause that the mishandling of her case and the illegal actions of the Harris County D.A, Connie Spence, be brought to light. Share this post with as many folks as you are able to and stay tuned for more information.

“I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.” 
― audre lorde

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